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In collaboration with Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX), Jordan Antonio Provesi (IZ2ZUZ), Eng. Achille De Santis (IU0EUF) and Anthony Le Cren (F4GOH).

MySondy GO v2

Disponibile su Google Play

MySondy GO 0

On this page you will find everything you need to make your MySondy GO.

MySondy GO works thanks to a TTGO Lora32 433Mhz (Purchase link below) and the MySondy GO App which is available for free on the Play Store (Android version only).


I manuali in Italiano a cura di Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX)

The English manuals - Thanks to Richard

Los manuales en español - Gracias a Miguel Iborra (EA4BAS)

Maluals en français - Merci Olivier Noverraz (HB9BBN)

Manuale per schede Heltec

Manual for Heltec boards

Buzzer installation

The importance of the TUNE function - NEW

Installation files v2.30 -NEW-
(New flash download tool 3.8.7)

Only the latest firmware v2.30 -NEW-

MySondy Go API for developers -NEW-

An example of using the API (thanks to Martinus CT1IQI) -NEW-

(Analyse the receiver output, send an email when the sonde gets within a distance, and write some data to file)

Presentazione a cura dell' Ing. Achille De Santis

Relazione MySondy GO

Migliorare la ricezione a cura di Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX)


Two open serial ports (look at MySondy Go API) thanks to Gilles (F4IOP)

S-Meter on the display

Sending the latest data received to the App

Improvements and bug-fixes

MySondy GO 1      MySondy GO 5

MySondy GO 2   MySondy GO 4   MySondy GO 3

MySondy GO 6

MySondy GO stl

Case for 3D printing made by Zvone Pivk (S52O)

MySondy GO Jordan

To buy the case or a MySondy Go ready to use made by Jordan Antonio Provesi (IZ2ZUZ):


Link to buy the TTGO Lora 32 (choose the 433Mhz CP2104 version).


CP2104: download

CH340K: download

CH9102F: download

(The authors do not receive money for the sales generated by this link.)

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