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In collaboration with Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX), Jordan Antonio Provesi (IZ2ZUZ), Eng. Achille De Santis (IU0EUF) and Anthony Le Cren (F4GOH).

MySondy GO v2

Disponibile su Google Play

MySondy GO 0

On this page you will find everything you need to make your MySondy GO.

MySondy GO works thanks to a TTGO Lora32 433Mhz (Purchase link below) and the MySondy GO App which is available for free on the Play Store (Android version only).


I manuali in Italiano a cura di Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX)

The English manuals - Thanks to Richard

Los manuales en español - Gracias a Miguel Iborra (EA4BAS)

Maluals en français - Merci Olivier Noverraz (HB9BBN)

Explication en français - Merci Marcel Deneumostier (ON7DH) -NEW

Manuale per schede Heltec

Manual for Heltec boards

Buzzer installation

The importance of the TUNE function

Installation files v2.30
(New flash download tool 3.8.7)

Only the latest firmware v2.30

MySondy Go API for developers

An example of using the API (thanks to Martinus CT1IQI)

(Analyse the receiver output, send an email when the sonde gets within a distance, and write some data to file)

Presentazione a cura dell' Ing. Achille De Santis

Relazione MySondy GO

Migliorare la ricezione a cura di Aldo Moroni (IW2DZX)


Two open serial ports (look at MySondy Go API) thanks to Gilles (F4IOP)

S-Meter on the display

Sending the latest data received to the App

Improvements and bug-fixes

MySondy GO 1      MySondy GO 5

MySondy GO 2   MySondy GO 4   MySondy GO 3

MySondy GO 6

MySondy GO stl

Case for 3D printing made by Zvone Pivk (S52O)

MySondy GO Jordan

To buy the case or a MySondy Go ready to use made by Jordan Antonio Provesi (IZ2ZUZ):


Link to buy the TTGO Lora 32 (choose the 433Mhz CP2104 version).

(The authors do not receive money for the sales generated by this link.)


CP2104: download

CH340K: download

CH9102F: download

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